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  • Gender issues

  • Masculinity

  • Images of Men

  • Men and violence

  • Men and sexuality

en.GEN    ....... Gender Issues
>> 01en_gen.htm =
Frequently Asked Questions about pro-feminist men and pro-feminist men's politics by Michael Flood 30 January 1997. Revised, 10 February 1998
>> 02en_gen.htm =
MK- Men, Feminism, Contradictory Experiences of Power  In a world dominated by men, the world of men is, by definition, a world of powe by Michael Kaufman
>> 03en_gen.htm =
MFlood- Introducing pro-feminism  What do pro-feminist men believe, what do they do, and how did they come to this? Michael Flood offers some answers.
>> 04en_gen.htm =
Council Eur- equality - democracy  Report from the discussion groups and conclusions - Strasbourg, 28 February 1995 from the Conference organised by the Council of Europe as a contribution to the preparatory process of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 4-15 September 1995)
>> 05en_gen.htm =
>> 06en_gen.htm =
Council of Europe- promoting equality The International Seminar 'Promoting Equality: A common issue for men and women" was held from 17 to 18 June 1997, at the Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg.
>> 07en_gen.htm =
M.Flood- Victim feminism and power feminism April 99 By Michael Flood - Guest lecture to Course, "Introducing Women's Studies: The Public Life of Feminism" -- Women's Studies (WOMS 2025), Australian National University,
13 April 1999.

>> 08en_gen.htm =
EU - European elections brochure -Europe for Women This brochure has been prepared by the European Commission–DG V, in the framework of the Medium-Term Community Action Programme on Equal Opportunities (1996-2000), in co-operation with the Women's Rights Committee of the European Parliament.
>> 09en_gen.htm =
EU - guide to gender impact assessment Policy decisions that appear gender neutral may have a differential impact on women and men, even when such an effect was neither intended nor envisaged. Gender impact assessment is carried out to avoid unintended negative consequences and improve the quality and efficiency of policies.
>> 10en_gen.htm =
Violence and Gendered Stereotype.Paula Fleming Violence is a part of daily life in the United States, which leads the world in homicides, rapes, and assaults. It's on our televisions and radios and in our newspapers, books, and magazines. Violence is also a part of the daily reality for many children in our society, both at home and in school.
>> 11en_gen.htm =
Bill-To end international sexual trafficking, and for other purposes. Mr. SMITH of New Jersey (for himself and Ms. KAPTUR) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, and Banking and Financial Services, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned
>> 12en_gen.htm =
Holistic women welfare system Finland 
>> 13en_gen.htm =
J.Straton.Bill-letter to senator Re: Testimony in support of Senate Bill 135 and in opposition to Senate Bill 1528 July 11, 1994
>> 14en_gen.htm =
Women’s WORLD For International and US programs Meredith Tax:  Books and Pamphlets
>> 15en_gen.htm =
  Gender identities at the end of the century- Britain, Spain    how in the last quarter of the century European thought has undermined the assumptions of stable identities, stable bodies and stable sexual selves, and how Literature, the Media and the Arts in Britain and Spain have contributed to (or resisted) the concept of gender as a construction and performance.
>> 16en_gen.htm =
  Debate feminista - Journal - Mexico 
Our contributors include the best writters, theorists and intelectuals both from México and abroad; each issue explores such topic as politics, sexuality, literature, history, activism, psychoanalisis, humor and many more from a feminist perspective
>> 17en_gen.htm =
  Grassroots Women at Expo 2000  SOS Mother Center 2000 is pioneer of a movement that began 20 years ago and continues to this day. There are presently around 450 Mother Centers in Germany. Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the USA.
>> 18en_gen.htm =
APC Internet Community for Environment, Human, Rights, Development & Peace
>> 19en_gen.htm =
  Amazon Women studies   
>> 20en_gen.htm =
  WCL - CMT Gender and informal sector 
>> 21en_gen.htm =
  Evolution of women's labour - abstract in English conclusions --------------------------
>> 22en_gen.htm = 
Tom Digby- Men Doing Feminism  
>> 23en_gen.htm = 
Only Gender Balanced World can Bring Forth-Sustain Prosperity and World Peace  (many links)

en.MAS    .......Masculinity
>> 01en_mas.htm = Crisis in masculinity new agendas for me Recent years have seen the naming of men as men. Men have become the subject of growing political, academic and policy debates; in some respects this is not new  by Jeff Hearn
>> 02en_mas.htm =
Men and household chores Grace Bradberry finds that men
are congenitally incapable of doing household chore
s by Jason Cowley
>> 03en_mas.htm =
Masculinity as Virility in Tahar Ben Jelloun's Work To be a woman is a natural infirmity and every woman gets used to it. To be a man is an illusion, an act of violence that requires no justification. Ben Jelloun, The Sand Childby Lahoucine Ouzgane
>> 04en_mas.htm =
Sexing of domestic place - dwl An anthropological approach to the sexing of domestic space by Daniel Welzer Lang and Jean-Paul FILIOD
>> 05en_mas.htm =
MFlood - 4 lessons plenty of homework That’s what Michael Flood took home from the Adelaide sessions. I learnt important lessons about pro-feminist activism, and lessons that are important for all men, in the four-day sessions in Adelaide. I felt challenged, inspired and confused by Michael Flood
>> 06en_mas.htm =
MFlood Is XY anti-male Is XY anti-male? Is it male-bashing? Founding editor Michael Flood thinks not, putting the case for the defence and raising broader questions about men and men’s politics by Michael Flood.
>> 07en_mas.htm =
dwl- emergence of the masculine in domestic space The present paper addresses the relationships between the internal architecture of domestic space and the evolution of social relationships between the sexes. It brings together various works on that which we can characterise as masculine behaviour of the male by Daniel WELZER-LANG and Jean-Paul FILIOD
>> 08en_mas.htm =
MFlood- men of co-counseling Men are oppressed, says co-counseling.
Michael Flood assesses the co-counseling perspective on men, finding that it only delivers some of the goods by Michael Flood
>> 09en_mas.htm =
Desire - Identity Daniel mang Berlin I think the widely held belief in the "naturalness" of sex is biologistic. That is to say it is not only unfounded but also intrinsically reactionary in that it denies cultural and historical variability and thus rules out the possibility of social change by Daniel Mang
>> 10en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Absence of elders "Where are men to go for guidance and healing?" asks Rein van de Ruit.It is obvious that there is a lack of elders in our society. By elders, I mean people who can help others because they themselves have learnt about the depths in themselves by Michael Flood
>> 11en_mas.htm =
MFlood- State of the movement men's movment What is the men’s movement? Who joins it, why and what kind of movement is it? Michael Flood has the story. The men’s movement now has a presence in Australia’s cultural and political landscape by Michael Flood
>> 12en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Responding to men’s rights Men’s rights groups represent a hostile backlash to feminism, but their efforts in fact are unhelpful and even harmful for men themselves. Michael Flood describes how we can respond by Michael Flood
>> 13en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Four strands diversity among men groups There is plenty of diversity among the groups and networks that make up the men’s movement, and even some outright and fundamental conflict. Michael Flood tells it like it is .
>> 14en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Men’s groups backbone Men’s groups are the backbone of the men’s movement. They are a good thing, says Michael Flood. I JOINED my first men’s group when I was 20, and it profoundly changed my life. Seven years on, I’m passionately committed to men’s issues.
>> 15en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Men, difference and racism If we pay attention to race and ethnicity, what does this mean for the men’s movement, for the development of communities of men, and for our understandings of masculinity? Michael Flood offers an outline.
>> 16en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Men as victims Myth of male power AS MEN become increasingly aware of their experience as men, they are acknowledging the ways in which men are limited by the dominant construction of masculinity. But some men take this much further, claiming the status of victim and alleging that men’s power is a myth by Michael Flood
>> 17en_mas.htm = MFlood- masculinity and homophobia Men who question masculinity are often called "poofters". What’s the connection between homophobia and masculinity, and where do gay men fit in to the men’s movement? Michael Flood has some answers by Michael Flood.
>> 18en_mas.htm =
MFlood- friendship relationship share space Are relationships and friendships different or even opposite? Mark Trudinger and Ron Frey think not. They explore alternative ways of 'sharing special spaces' with others, abandoning some common distinctions and finding strong connections in the process by Michael Flood .
>> 19en_mas.htm =
MFlood- Men plural - masculinities ANY writer on men worth his or her salt knows to write about "masculinities", not "masculinity". This is because there are multiple versions of how to be a man in any particular society, and the relations between them are a crucial part of the makeup of gender relations in general by Michael Flood .
>> 20en_mas.htm = MFlood- From power to empowerment patriarchy "What's so fabulous about the idea of patriarchy?" asks Bryan Law, who takes another look at Co-Counselling and reclaims men's personal power by Michael Flood .
>> 21en_mas.htm =
MFlood- QUIZ - How sensitive are you? How many erogenous zones are there on a man's body?by Michael Flood.
>> 22en_mas.htm =
MFlood- the absent father The main obstacle to shared parenting is economic: the demands of men’s paid work. The reinforcement of fatherhood is sometimes about men’s rights over women and children rather than men’s responsibilities by Michael Flood.
>> 23en_mas.htm =
MFlood- become betters fathers What obstacles do men face in their attempts to become better fathers? Michael Eburn reflects on his own experience and comes up with some ideas by Michael Flood.
>> 24en_mas.htm =
Unesco culture of peace masculinity
>> 25en_mas.htm =
Sujets - History of Marginalities in History Schools of thought. Rethinking history The Politics of Cultural Memory. Myth and Memory in the Construction of Community. Gender, Commemorating Monuments and History (Representing history through monuments and museums). War, resistance in East Central Europe Feminism before Feminisms (history of women's movements) etc...
>> 26en_mas.htm =
End Violence Group   We have compiled them here for the period 4/22/99 -4/28/99. We hope these resources will be useful in your efforts to end violence against women.
>> 27en_mas.htm =
The masculine identity – Master thesis Abstract:"The masculine identity – the paradox between the real and ideal" is a master thesis about the masculine identity according to Robert Bly’s point of view.

>> 28en_mas.htm = J.Straton.Politically correct Teaching multicultural awareness to my classes of first year college students has made me more aware than ever of the power of nonsense to mold people's responses to their world.
>> 29en_mas.htm =
J.Straton-what we can do  Work towards creating a coordinated community response to sexual violence

>> 30en_mas.htm =
J.Straton.Pro-feminists This is in response to Clarence Page’s column criticizing the sexual offense policy at Antioch College, which requires verbal consent at each new stage of sexual intimacy.

>> 31en_mas.htm =
Call for papers from Peter Baker. I'm currently writing a self-help book on men's health. It will be published first in the UK and then, hopefully, around the world. I need, therefore, to include some information about organisations that men can contact for further advice in as many English-speaking countries as possible.
>> 32en_mas.htm =
  Crisis in masculinity - new agenda for men?- Jeff Hearn 1999  We can now ask such questions as: What is a man? How do men maintain power? Is there a crisis of masculinity? Or is there a crisis of men in a more fundamental way? Do we know what the future of men looks like or should be? What policy and practice implications follow both in relation to men and boys, and for men and boys? + CV and Publications.
>> 33en_mas.htm =
FD- Fathers Direct- relation man and children  Fathers Direct exists to promote close and positive relationships between men and their children.
>> 34en_mas.htm =
FD- Fathers’ Group- A Guide for practitioners  This report describes the process of setting up and running a Fathers’ Group at the Walworth NEWPIN from September 1997 to July 1998, assesses the impact of group membership on the fathers who attended, and considers lessons for future practice.
>> 35en_mas.htm =
FD- Britain is failing its fathers  Men and their Children, is funded by the Department of Health, and aims to learn lessons from government support for US and Australian fathers.
>> 36en_mas.htm =
FD- Fatherhood seems to be big news at the moment  NEWPIN was started in 1982 in Walworth, SE London as a response to the growing incidence of child abuse there, and the feelings of isolation and depression of local women with young children.
>> 37en_mas.htm =
FD- What Does the Father’s Group Offer  NEWPIN is a support network for men and women who look after children. It offers children and their carers a unique opportunity to achieve positive change in their lives and relationships.
>> 38en_mas.htm =
Men- a population at risk- Guillermo Augusto Vilaseca  The author, who is a psychologist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, reflects on the issue of male potency, using as a frame of reference the experience and accounts of his male psychotherapy clients.
>> 39en_mas.htm =
The political man, a Wolf for the Woman- Alain Liptiez CNRS  One may hope for equality in spite of the difference between the sexes, in the name of equality itself, because male-female in equality in important posts and in politics cannot be justified and is the trace of a more general oppression which must be investigated.
>> 40en_mas.htm =
Masculinity, the other face of reality- A. Flores Mexico A initiate a process of reflection and consciousness raising with indigenous children and adults around issues of masculinity, and to contribute to the strengthening of equitable gender relationships between men and women.
>> 41en_mas.htm =
Healing the male psyche- John Rowan  Being a man in today's world hurts. The male psyche is wounded, and needs to be healed. If men are to escape from the shackles of patriarchy, of the dominance society, of hegemonic.
>> 42en_mas.htm =
News from South Africa - Robert Morrel 1999 
There is quite a lot happening in South Africa in terms of gender - in terms of profeminist men (by the way, ....there is some antipathy towards 'feminism' (understood as a 'western' import and hence as imperialist).
>> 43en_mas.htm =
Refusing to be a man- Men's Resource Center - Steven Botkin  The effects of those three words continue to echo through our lives long after we’ve realized the lies behind them. Listen to the inflection, the emotional message we can hear so clearly in this simple phrase, carrying equal parts promise and threat.
>> 44en_mas.htm =
Manscentrum in Stockholm Sweden The centers purpose is to provide men with support, counseling and short-term therapy, and to work towards improved cooperation and understanding between men and women.
>> 45en_mas.htm =
Peter Vogel: Faking it, Man Kind, I hit a Woman
>> 46en_mas.htm =
Race and Theories of Masculinities- Phil Robinson
The second wave of feminism during the 1960s and 70s has been followed by a stream of "men’s movements" that have, to differing degrees, attempted to come to grips with issues of male identity.
>> 47en_mas.htm = 
Amazon Gay Studies   Amazon Gay Editor:

>> 48en_mas.htm =
Men - a population at risk
>> 49en_mas.htm =
Jeff Hearn Publications
>> 50en_mas.htm =
Boys in kindergardens Women working with boy  
>> 51en_mas.htm =
Dads and Daughters 
>> 52en_mas.htm =
Absent and Problematic Men- Demographic Accounts of Male Reproductive Roles  
>> 53en_mas.htm =
Male Involvement in Reproductive and Sexual Health Programmes and Services  FAO Translating Good Intentions Into Gender Sensitive Programmes 
>> 54en_mas.htm =
  Farrell- Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say 
>> 55en_mas.htm = 
Crome- Critical Research Network on Men in Europe
>> 56en_mas.htm = 
Working Group - Gender and Masculinity
>> 57en_mas.htm = 
Nikk- Men’s Studies in the Nordic countries 
>> 58en_mas.htm =
Sexism and Stoicism - Theorising Profeminist Strategies by Ben Mudge 
This thesis addresses a theoretical issue which I believe is crucial to the development of gender politics, that is the relation between men’s sexism and stoicism.Ben Mudge Bachelor of Arts (Adelaide)
>> 59en_mas.htm =
Towards a Methodology to Identify Converging Forms of Everyday Discrimination
>> 60en_mas.htm =
Crossing Masculinities- In defense of the idea of antisexist men’s groups  

   The INSTRAW Virtual Seminars on Men's Roles and Responsibilities in Ending Gender-Based Violence 

PDF documents:
  Including Men in the Practice & Scholarship of Pro-Feminist Work.pdf 
  Research-on-masculinities.pdf   UNDERSTANDING MEN: GENDER SOCIOLOGY AND THE NEW INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ON MASCULINITIES - Clark Lecture, Department of Sociology, University of Kansas, 19 September 2000- R.W.Connell, University of Sydney 
  Nick:  gender issues.pdf
  Nick: Gender Equality and Feminism.pdf  

Power Point Presentation:
  Men and gender equality- Øystein Gullvåg Holter - November 2002

en.IMA  .......Images of Men
>> 01en_ima.htm = MFlood - 3 principles for men image Pull quotes: Encourage new heroes, new role models and new images of men and masculinity. The three principles must inform men’s activism and the development of alternative personal lives and cultures by Michael Flood.

>> 02en_ima.htm = Bikes, Men and Risk- visual anthropology   Primarily, ‘male identity’, ‘gender’, and ‘subjectivity’ may be seen as interchangeable terms.

>> 03en_ima.htm = jme- Collection of Postcards from feminist spanish comic maker

>> 04en_ima.htm = Call for Partners- Leeds Animation Workshop  The film will raise awareness around the effects and implications for men and boys of the changes in society resulting from the new opportunities which have begun to open up for women and girls.

en.VIO  .......Violence
>> 01en_vio.htm =
Global overview of violence against women The Health and Development Policy Project (HDPP) is a research and advocacy organization based in Washington DC dedicated to integrating concern for gender and social justice into international health policy and practice. by Gloria Careaga Perez
>> 02en_vio.htm =
Violence women an obstacle to peace "Violence - Masculinity - Peace" Four Conferences - A New Vision: Men’s problem that can be healed, recovered from, separated from, liberated from and abandoned for growth into a new man. Report by HILKKA PIETILÄ
>> 03en_vio.htm =
War against women - life and death  Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women by Andrea Dworkin. Review by: David A. Orthmann.  Most men do not feel the need to publicly declare their animosity toward women or to justify their privileges.
>> 04en_vio.htm =
Familiar ring of violent crime Canada   Beware the devils you know -- they are far more likely to commit a violent crime against you than those you've never met, says Statistics Canada. By SEAN DURKAN -- Ottawa Bureau 1998
>> 05en_vio.htm =
Researching men's violences This paper presents a critical evaluation of men conducting critical research that focuses on men, in the light of theoretical/methodological, political, empirical and practical JEFF HEARN Department of Applied Social Studies University of Bradford May 1993
>> 06en_vio.htm =
Manhood and Violence - Kimmel By now, many of us have comented on the fact that the media seems to have missed what's right in front of them. Do you think it's intentional? I'm not sure. May 1999
>> 07en_vio.htm =
MK- fathering will help end violence  Many countries in the western world seemed to have rediscovered fatherhood. What is the root of all these problems? by Michael Kaufman
>> 08en_vio.htm =
MFlood- Myth of Male Violence  Are women the perpetrators of domestic violence as often as men, and are men the victims as often as women? Ben Wadham assesses the evidence.
>> 09en_vio.htm =
MK- Men and Boys End Men's Violence  to Challenge Sexism and End Men’s Violence by Michael Kaufman, Ph.D.International Director, The White Ribbon Campaign Toronto, Canada: This paper sketches a framework for understanding this violence and its relation to the lives and experiences of men.
>> 10en_vio.htm =
Domestic Violence Safety Planning Campaign Corporations Make Domestic Violence "Their Business" In ABA Safety Planning Campaign: Domestic violence has become an issue of growing concern to businesses as the Department of Justice reports that husbands and boyfriends commit 13,000 acts of violence against women in the workplace every year.
>> 11en_vio.htm =
Domestic Violence Manitoba Legislation  The strongest civil remedies in Canada would be available to Manitoba victims of domestic violence and stalking under proposed legislation introduced by Justice Minister.
>> 12en_vio.htm =
>> 13en_vio.htm =
Military abuse - rape and intimidation   By Peter Cheney - Globe and Mail - CFB Gagetown, N.B.  When the victim isn't male, things can become really rough if she presses.
>> 14en_vio.htm =
The Continuing Massacre - Houston  The victims of the assault were all female. Young girls. Women. And the boys who methodically gunned down those girls and those women were only acting out their own version of an all-too frequent story in America. by David Vest
>> 15en_vio.htm =
Rape and sexual assault Indonesia   We are of the opinion that the government has thus far not given any attention and made serious efforts to protect its citizen and to prevent such atrocities against women from recurring.
>> 16en_vio.htm =
Manual Gender Violence Muslim society  "Safe and Secure" assists women to identify sources of violence in the family, community, society, and state; communicate information about and understanding of violence to others. Fabio Angell
>> 17en_vio.htm =
Facts violence youth april 99  CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control  has been working with the federal agencies and other partners in response to the President's charge to collectively come up with the solutions to youth and school violence.
>> 18en_vio.htm =
Against trafficking in women The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is a feminist non-governmental human rights organization dedicated to fighting all forms of sexual exploitation of women and children, especially prostitution and trafficking in women.
>> 19en_vio.htm =
Abuse of chinese women  The International Human Rights Legal Group/Women’s Rights Advocacy Program sent a letter to president Habibie and other officials in Indonesia to protest against the violent abuse perpetrated on women and girls from the Chinese ethnic minority.
>> 20en_vio.htm =
Battles of Nairobi's Street Children  Once on the streets, children form gangs and groups which are strictly hierarchical. Girls and boys hang out in separate gangs, except at night.
>> 21en_vio.htm =
Urban Crime and Violence The increase in urban crime and violence that has occurred over the past fifty years is caused primarily by complex social, political and economic circumstances. By Mitchell J. Rycus Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, USA
>> 22en_vio.htm =
Appeal of nobel prize laureates  there are many children silently suffering the effects and consequences of violence.
>> 24en_vio.htm =
Violence costs reference.Health policy List of references which discuss costing issues in relation to violence against women by Peter B. Iversen Programme on Evidence for Health Policy (GPE) World Health Organization
>> 25en_vio.htm =
Violence and Gendered Stereotype. Paula Fleming WEEA Equity Resource Center Digest on Sexual Harassment and the United States Educational Equity Law Called Title IX Paula Fleming Director of Marketing Communications
>> 26en_vio.htm =
J.Straton. Stats  The Overlap: About 70% of men who abuse their wives also abuse their children..

>> 27en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.Childabuse The Overlap: About 70% of men who abuse their wives also abuse their children.

>> 28en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.North Carolina. Violence and Women Henry Ansgar Kelly has recently written a comprehensive and convincing rebuttal of the claim that the phrase rule of thumb derives from "British Common Law . . . [which] authorized a husband to ‘chastise his wife with . . . a rod not thicker than his thumb.’"
>> 29en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.How to Form a Men Against Rape Group Starting an Men Against Rape group (MAR) is really not very difficult. I started one group on my own in Eugene, Oregon, another with the help of Gerry Sütter in Washington, D.C., a third with the help of Theresa Sayles in Manhattan, Kansas, and also helped catalyze the formation of a group at Indiana U. during their anti-rape week.
>>30en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.Laws Facilitate Abuse • Joint Custody laws have become a rallying point in our society for those men who are having a difficult time maintaining their control over women. •
>>31en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.Endviolence This citation database (Citebase™) and accompanying files are designed to provide phrasing and reference information to increase the credibility of ending men’s violence activists with news media and public officials.
>>32en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.Presentation On Sexual Assault My process of becoming a speaker on male violence and sexism has been one of perceiving what others have to share from their experiences as targets of violence and sexism, actors of violence and sexism, both, and neither and then folding these into my own experience of life.
>> 33en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.The Myth of the "Battered Husband Syndrome The most recurrent backlash against women's safety is the myth that men are battered as often as women. Suzanne Steinmetz [1] created this myth with her 1977 study of 57 couples, in which four wives were seriously beaten but no husbands were beaten.

>>34en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.The Myth of the "Battered Husband Syndrome" The Scheme; The Goal...
>>35en_vio.htm =
J.Straton.Don’t Create Custody Laws That Facilitate Abuse Joint Custody laws have become a rallying point in our society for those men who are having a difficult time maintaining their control over women. Their argument that joint custody is egalitarian totally ignores the enormous reality of male violence.

>>36en_vio.htm =
Violence - Statistics Canada "This has been a real jump, this particular year, but that doesn't mean they're going to the police. We're definitely up, and I'm not clear what that's about, but I think it belies the whole idea that there's a drop in violent crime in terms of sexual assaults."

>>37en_vio.htm =
Religion and violence Religion and violence against women by Janice Brodman. The discussion thus far, regarding religion and violence against women, as been extremely informative and interesting. There seems to be general agreement that violence against women based on religion and tradition is widespread and should be eradicated.
>> 38en_vio.htm =
M.Flood-Victim feminism and power feminism In the early to mid-1990s, several commentators on feminism and the women's movement made the argument that contemporary feminism was dominated by a focus on women as victims.
>> 39en_vio.htm = new resource on violence, fathers and sons Australia
is it worth it?  fathers and sons talk about violence; what is violence and how do young men think about it?; do young men learn how to be violent from their fathers?; what are the links between violence and masculinity?
>> 40en_vio.htm =
Training Manual on Gender Violence- muslim societies
Habifem: "Safe and Secure" assists women to identify sources of violence in the family, community, society, and state; communicate information about and understanding of violence to others; and influence governments to formulate and implement policies that eliminate gender-based violence.
>> 41en_vio.htm = 
UNDP-UNIFEM- video conference on violence against women - March 99  Women and the Beijing+5 PrepCom - On March 8, 1999, a global videoconference was held on the theme, "A World Free from Violence Against Women," linking UN Headquarters to sites in Nairobi, New Delhi, Mexico City, and EU Parliament in Strasbourg.
>> 42en_vio.htm = 
Men and Researching Men's Violences- Methodologica- Jeff Hearn  This paper presents a critical evaluation of men conducting critical research that focuses on men, in the light of theoretical/methodological, political, empirical and practical issues. + CV and Publications from Jeff Hearn.
>> 44en_vio.htm = 
End violence working group Resources April 99
>> 45en_vio.htm = 
The six P's of men's violence- M.Kaufmann WRC  Men who were just beginning to find their anti-patriarchal voices and to find ways to work alongside women
>> 46en_vio.htm = 
Oslo 1997- male roles and masculinities - Culture of peace  UNESCO organized through its "Women and the Culture of Peace" Programme the Expert Group Meeting on "Male Roles and Masculinities in the Perspective of a Culture of Peace" in Oslo, Norway, from 24 to 28 September 1997.

>> 47en_vio.htm = 
End Violence web sites
>> 48en_vio.htm =
Financial cost of violence against women- End Violence Kenya, Uganda, USA, Canada
>> 49en_vio.htm =
One-Stop Crisis Centres- End Violence List 1999
>> 50en_vio.htm =
Efforts to end violence against women FGM - Colorado
>> 51en_vio.htm =
End Violence Group - August 1999
>> 52en_vio.htm =
Men's rape prevention project  The Men's Rape Prevention Project has played a vital role in Sexual Assault Awareness Month this year -- helping to make the issue relevant to young men across the greater Washington, D.C., area.
>> 53en_vio.htm =
WAVE - Women Against Violence Europe  the network focuses specifically on violence in the family and in intimate relationships.
>> 54en_vio.htm =
Men for gender justice
>> 55en_vio.htm =
543 Women and Children murdered by Men in Quebec since December 6, 1989 
>> 56en_vio.htm =
Spouse Abuse a Two-Way Street- Sam & Bunny Sewell  Women Abuse Men: It's More Widespread Than People Think
>> 57en_vio.htm =
Moscou- sexual assault recovery center
"Syostri" ("sisters") Center founded  by a group of women member of Russia Association of Hotline Services, Russia Association of Crisis Centers, International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).
>> 58en_vio.htm = 
DAPHNE 98 List  of  projects selected (summary) European Commission
>> 59en_vio.htm =
  DAPHNE 97 List  of  projects (summary) European Commission
>> 60en_vio.htm =
Gender Violence  Irma Saucedo from the Women's Program at the Colegio de México
>> 61en_vio.htm =
Girls - violence- Feminism is not the link  no feminism is not driving girls to violence
>> 62en_vio.htm =
Ahimsa - The Everyman Centre UK One of a small but growing number of U.K. projects set up to address men’s violence against known women is Ahimsa (formerly the EVERYMAN Centre), established in 1989, one of the oldest service-providers in Europe.
>> 63en_vio.htm =
Ten Things Men Can Do to End Sexism and Male Violence Against Women
>> 64en_vio.htm =
Combating domestic violence through research and education  a group of women activists of the movement for women’s human rights was engaged in a pioneering research in order to make public the existence and the extent of domestic violence in Bulgaria.
>> 65en_vio.htm =
 How woman abuse interacts with child welfare
>> 66en_vio.htm =
COE 1999- Seminar on Men and Violence against Women - Conclusions
European Council Conference October 99 on "Men and Violence Against Women" Drafts 
   COE- Recommandations  
   COE- Military and construction of masculinity in society  
   COE- Men's violence against Women and children in situations of armed conflict 
   COE- Elder abuse and older men- towards an understanding 
   COE- Male violence- the economic costs 
   COE- But Where are the Men? 
   COE- Police methods to counteract violence against women 
   COE- Men's Violence against Women in the Arctic 
   COE- Intimate male violence in the US and Poland 
   COE- Gendering research on men's violence to known women 
   COE- Explaining the inclination to use violence against women  
   COE- Explaining the inclination to use violence against women 
   COE- Socio and Psychogenetic Attempts to Explain the Male 
   COE- Growing up in the proximity of violence- Teenagers’ Stories 
   COE- Socio-economic roots for cases of male violence against women in Russia 
>> 81en_vio.htm =
 Violence in intimate relationships
>> 82en_vio.htm =
 American and Russian Procedure - comparaison
>> 83en_vio.htm =
Theory and practice regarding treatmen of men battering their partners. 
>> 84en_vio.htm =
  Men against violence - Hamburg Germany  
>> 85en_vio.htm =  Men against Violence & Sexism (USA) 
>> 86en_vio.htm =  Specific connection of men and violence- Robert Connell (University  Sydney) 
>> 87en_vio.htm =  Working with Men to End Gender-based Violence Michael Kaufman, International White Ribbon Campaign - James Lang, Research Co-ordinator, INSTRAW - Geoff Prewitt, Civil Society Adviser, UNDP 
>> 88en_vio.htm = Standing Together is a multi-agency- response to the crime of domestic violence
>> 89en_vio.htm = Cream -Berlin- Content creation for interactive Media Anti Violence Awareness - Training and information programme



  Bringing an End to Violence- women and men.pdf   
  Domestic Violence in Uzbekistan.pdf 
  Men's Role in Gender-Based Violence.pdf 
  PADV_meta-evaluation- partnerships against domestic violence.pdf 
  Who can stop this violence- Men of Vision Campaign.pdf

Sexual Violence Prevention 
Hearn_Jeff2.pdf  The Violences of Men: Men Doing, 
     Talking and Responding to Violence against Known Women 
  Violence against women and the culture of masculinity - SID.pdf

en.SEX  .......Sexuality
>> 01en_sex.htm =
Everyday anti-sexism SEXISM is all around us, and sometimes we try to do something about it. Sometimes this doesn't work, sometimes it does.By Michael Flood - XY
>> 04en_sex.htm =
XY- Sex, lies, and hetero-rape Ever pressured a woman into sex? Mark Layton reflects on his past sexual behaviour and on the steps necessary to change it. Published by XY
>> 05en_sex.htm =
XY- Want to fuck? sex and closeness Kim Houghton flirts with sex and closeness: I usually use sex as a way of avoiding having to be close. I like sex a lot and I get a lot of excitement and awareness of myself and my partner as we become sexual.
>> 06en_sex.htm =
Sexual abuse of men and boys  Widespread ignorance of the sexual assault of males is part of a culture of silence. Dez Wildwood speaks up, showing the links between sexual assault, sexuality and male power.
>> 07en_sex.htm =
gay protests canterbury cathedral The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, was surrounded in his pulpit by gay rights protesters as he was delivering his Easter Sunday sermon in Canterbury Cathedral discrimination
>> 08en_sex.htm =
MFlood- be gay or lesbian "Coming out" is a term once reserved for debutante belles entering society and womanhood. More recently it has been used to describe the public revelation that one is gay or lesbian; out of the closet. Nick Sellars is out of the closet again - this time he's back in a suit and tie.
>> 09en_sex.htm =
XY- against gay discrimination  What does an article about poofters have to do with "ordinary blokes"? Nick Sellars spells it out: ending discrimination against gays is one of the most important things to do in ending sexism.
>> 10en_sex.htm =
Couples against aids  Freedom without risk This study was conducted by a work group which consists of "non-conformist" men and women, couple-swingers or not, as well as specialists in the fight against AIDS such as doctors who are members of this association.
>> 11en_sex.htm =
The cost of Viagra  If ever there were an example of male bias in the medical-industrial complex it is this: Hard-ons have been declared a medical necessity, while pregnancy prevention has not. By Pamela White editor of the Colorado Daily.