Global overview of violence 

against women

EuroPROFEM - The European Men Profeminist Network 


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The Health and Development Policy Project (HDPP)

Gloria Careaga Perez

The Health and Development Policy Project (HDPP) is a research and advocacy organization based in Washington DC dedicated to integrating concern for gender and social justice into international health policy and practice.

We are presently in the process of preparing a global overview on the topic of violence against women, drawing together existing research and examples of the most innovative programs underway to address the problem.

This comprehensive overview will be produced as a stand-alone publication by HDPP and as a special edition of Population Reports - the widely read periodical distributed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. At present, we are undertaking an extensive review of the field to discover and document innovative research and programs with a specific focus on the following areas:

  1. Research studies that provide data on rates and consequences of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse against women and/or children.

  2. Innovative approaches to confronting abuse in service delivery, prevention, advocacy or reforming institutional responses to victims.

  3. Research pursued within a broader context of reproductive health or development that generated qualitative or quantitative data on violence against women or girls.

  4. Names and contact information of other individuals or organizations who may have leads on research or interventions that address gender violence, especially as it relates to health and development.

Furthermore, we would appreciate your assistance in disseminating this request to any other organizations which you feel would have relevant information and experiences to contribute.

Thank you for your assistance.
Gloria Careaga Perez
Programa Universitario de Estudios de Genero, UNAM
Torre II de Humanidades, 7o.piso.

Circuito Interior
Ciudad Universitaria, D. F.
04510 MEXICO
Tel (525) 623 0020


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