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Women Act to Protest Against the Abuse of Chinese Women and Girls in Indonesia

The International Human Rights Legal Group/Women’s Rights Advocacy Program (IHRLG/WRAP) sent a letter to president Habibie and other officials in Indonesia to protest against the violent abuse perpetrated on women and girls from the Chinese ethnic minority during the recent riots in May 1998 in this country. The letter demands that the government: offer immediate medical attention to the victims; order a complete investigation of the incidents and prosecute those responsible for them; establish measures against police or military personnel who, according to reports, witnessed several incidents and did nothing to protect the women. Thirty-five NGOs from all over the world signed the letter expressing their deep concern to the Indonesian government as well as their total support to the women in this country.

IHRLG/WRAP now wishes to send a follow-up letter at the end of July to reinforce the protest and the action demands. You can support this letter in two ways:

1. Send the letter and the name of your country.

2. Send a letter of your own to the Indonesian government.

For additional information and a copy of the letter, contact:

Sameena Nazir
1200 18th St. NW, Suite 602, Washington DC 20036, USA
Phone: (1-202) 862-4600
Fax: (1-202) 822-4606

Sameena Nazir has connected education and human rights for women through programs that teach marketable skills and basic education throughout the Rawalpindi region. Her work is particularly appealing because she has found ways of engaging men in the struggle for human rights, coordinated a massive earth-quake relief effort after the tragedy in Kashmir, and ensured that girls attend school.



Globalrights - Grave violations of women’s human rights continue to occur worldwide with terrifying regularity. Women throughout the world face systematic gender-based discrimination and are regularly denied the right to life and security of person, full legal capacity, health care, education, employment, inheritance, and freedom of movement. Women still do not have full access to economic and political decision-making processes in their families, nations, or international institutions. Too often, governments allow crimes against women to go unpunished, continuing a culture of impunity for family members, state agents, and others who discriminate or commit violence against women.


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