Rape and sexual assault
Statement to the Government

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Rape and sexual assault

Statement to the Government


This Statement sent by
Prof. Saparinah Sadli
from Washington DC on June 20, 1998

We strongly condemn the rape and sexual assault which was done in a systematic manner during the recent May riots. These violent and vicious acts constitute the lowest point in the dignity and civilization of Indonesia in the last 32 years.

We are of the opinion that the government has thus far not given any attention and made serious efforts to protect its citizen and to prevent such atrocities against women from recurring.

We demand

THAT THE GOVERNMENT AND THE SECURITY APPARATUS ACTS in a responsible way with the following short and long term measures:

a. To admit its failure in creating a sense of security for all its citizens.

b. To form independent investigative teams consisting of the KOMNASHAM (National Human Rights Commission), NGOs, Volunteer teams and representatives of the witnesses/victims at the places where the incidents occured. And to make a comprehensive and complete investigation of the tragedy.

c. To support the Volunteer Teams in assisting and rehabilitating the victims.

d. To act in a decisive manner against the perpetrators and the brain behind the acts.

e. To ensure that similar incidents will never occur again.

We hope that the government will act swiftly and in a correct manner. Failure by the government to act in a concrete manner will destroy the confidence of society as well as of the international world in the ability of the government to bring welfare and social justice to its people.


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