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Dads and Daughters - The Dad Man


For those of us whose activism also includes public and private work to be involved and supportive parents, I wanted to mention this organization, founded by Joe Kelly in Duluth, Minnesota.  To my mind, Kelly is one of the many unsung profeminist heroes.  He and his wife, Nancy, home-schooled their two daughters, and the four of them noticed the absolute dearth of positive images for girls.  So they set about creating some of their own -- and their daughters edited and published NEW MOON - a magazine for and about girls.  It's terrific, entirely produced and distributed by girls.  (I've bought subscriptions for several of my friends' daughters.)  This year, the girls are laucnching a book series -- again, entirely written by, edited and produced by girls -- published, though byb a major New York publisher (Crown.)

Last year, Joe felt there were simple not enough resources for fathers of daughters -- for men who wanted to support their daughters' struggle for autonomy and integrity in a patriarchal world.  So he started Dads and Daughters.  Here's it's tag line:

>Dads and Daughters is the national nonprofit membership organization of fathers with daughters.  DADs provides tools to strengthen our relationships with our daughters and to transform the pervasive messages that value our daughters more for how they look than who they are.

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Dads and Daughters, PO Box 3458, Duluth, MN 55803.  888-824-3237.  website: 

Dads & Daughters® author Joe Kelly guides you through the future of fatherhood

Links to great resources for dads and stepdads—and the place to buy Joe Kelly’s books.

The web’s best resources to tap the full power and potential of your own Dad-Daughter relationship, grow closer to your daughter or stepdaughter—and have a lot of fun together!

Joe Kelly—The Dad Man—is a father, author, speaker, blogger, activist and consultant. He is the recognized expert in the field of fatherhood you’ve been looking for.

Author of 7 books and editor of 4 more, Joe is a leading voice for engaged, responsible fathering and stepfathering, influential advocate for children and families, and a skilled advisor to socially-responsible organizations.

“The best job Joe Kelly ever had is being a father. His care and common sense resonate through every page of his easy-to-read books and resources. The biggest secret going is that these are also wonderful resources for moms, kids and fathers-to-be.”

— Dr. David Sadker, author of Teachers, Schools and Society and Still Failing at Fairness: How Gender Bias Cheats Girls and Boys in School and What We Can Do About It


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