Global Internet Community for Environment, Human
Rights, Development & Peace

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Global Internet Community for Environment, Human
Rights, Development & Peace




Global Internet Community for Environment, Human
Rights, Development & Peace

** The Global Computer Network for Social Justice and Development **
The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is the world's most extensive network of Internet providers dedicated to serving non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and citizen activists. Since 1987, APC members have been providing fast, reliable, easy to use communication tools.
Today we are a non-profit association of 25 member networks working together to provide online organising and collaboration tools and skills for civil ,society. APC goes beyond the hardware and software to support the people and ,organisations working together worldwide for social, environmental and ,economic justice.

APC member networks offer a wide range of services and support to link people, issues, resources and tools for action:

- Internet Access
- Training and Support: For Users, Trainers and Facilitators
- Exclusive News and Information Services
- Communications Consulting
- Online Collaboration Strategies and Methodologies
- WWW Site Development
- Public and Private Workspaces: Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
- Customised Information Tools: Databases and Search Engines

APC's state-of-the-art Internet services and applications are designed and supported to meet the unique needs of our global community of over 50,000 activists and organisations, including appropriate technology solutions for those without full Internet access.


APC enhances communication and cooperation across the global social justice community through our six programmes:

Strategic Uses
APC members work with your community to build electronic campaigns, hold
effective online meetings, catalyse online action, produce collaborative
documents and get things done. We offer training and resources to build your
capacity to use the Internet effectively. Our communication strategies
combine the best of traditional and electronic means of sharing information,
linking with radio, fax, face-to-face meetings and word of mouth.

Information, Content and Tools
APC develops Internet products, resources and tools to meet the unique
advocacy, collaboration and information publishing and management needs of
civil society. We also carry news services and hundreds of public discussion
groups -- from activist campaigns to official UN declarations, you'll find
both local and international perspectives on your community issues, which
spark new ideas and projects.

Network Development
APC reduces the gap between the information-poor and the information-rich --
especially in less developed countries, and connects people separated by
dictatorship and war. We build technical and management capacity among
existing and emerging communication networks to continually strengthen our
capacity to serve the needs of NGOs and activists.

Communications Policy Awareness
APC defends and promotes non-commercial, productive online space for NGOs
and collaborates with like-minded organisations to ensure that the
information and communication needs of civil society are considered in
telecommunications, donor and investment policy. APC is committed to freedom
of expression and exchange of information on the Internet.

Women's Networking Support Programme
Our Women's Programme emerged in 1993 to redress gender inequities in the
design, implementation and use of electronic communications, and offers
unique opportunities for women and women's organisations all over the world,
focusing on Information Facilitation, Regional Support, Policy and Advocacy,
Training, and Research.

Africa Programme
Members and partners in Africa work locally and regionally to interpret
APC's programmes in the region. Strengthening indigenous information sharing
and independent networking capacity on the continent are key priorities.

*** APC is committed to making our programmes and services available
to people from all regions in the world. ***

Day-to-day, and during times of crisis, people rely on APC networks for
frontline alternative news and analysis. High-quality development news
services include Inter Press Service, China News Digest, Haiti Progres,
BOLIVIAPRESS, Mid East Realities, People's Tribune, Greenpeace Global News
Headlines, Agencia Informativa Pulsar, BurmaNet News, and many, many more.
Many APC networks also offer headlines services and digests to facilitate
local information sharing among NGOs and activists.

** APC and the UN
APC has been instrumental in forging communication links between NGOs and
the United Nations, serving as the primary telecommunications provider since
1992 for NGOs and UN delegates during the preparatory process and on-site
for UN World Conferences. In 1995, APC was awarded consultative status to
the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

** WHO USES US? **

Every day tens of thousands of activists and organisations use APC networks
for internal communications and public advocacy work...

· A human rights organisation in Guatemala posts an alert about the
disappearance of a peace activist, including contact information for the
relevant officials. Readers world-wide lobby to bring attention to the
activist's plight.

· A coalition of fair trade organisations e-mails notices asking consumers
to boycott companies using sweatshop labour and archives relevant
information about the campaign on a WWW site.

· Grassroots organisations in Ecuador partner with APC to operate a
community-based public Internet access centre.

· A team of women's organisations learns website skills and builds a
clearinghouse of information for South African women.

· An AIDS research organisation in the United States puts a full-text
database of bibliographies, abstracts and documents on a website for public
access and searching.

· Environmentalists use a public mailing list to plan strategy and
interventions for a UN climate change conference. On-site APC offers a
communications centre, workshops in online advocacy and live reporting for
those monitoring the conference remotely.

· A national human rights commission learns to use mailing lists for
internal communication. Their communication coordinator is trained to
maintain a public website of press releases, cases, and general information.

Consult your local APC network to devise a communications and training
strategy that works for you. (See Member list below.)

** JOIN US! **

Whether you need basic Internet connectivity or help planning a major online
project, APC members can provide you with low cost tools and techniques to
help you use private and public online workspaces effectively. To join APC's
community-without-borders, contact the member network in your region.


APC members agree to keep prices as low as possible so as to be affordable
to NGOs, including special group rates in some cases.

Most APC member networks are Internet Service Providers in their countries.

Subscribing to any one of the member networks gives you access to all the
materials, information and many services made available by all other APC

For current information on any APC member pricing structure, please contact
them directly through the
addresses provided below.

Email: WWW:

APC International Secretariat APC North American Regional Office
Rua Silva Jardim, 52 Presidio Bldg 1012, First Floor
12500-000 Guaratinguetá Torney Avenue
Sao Paulo, Brasil P.O. Box 29904-0904
tel: +55 12 525 2168 San Francisco, CA 94129-0904 USA
fax: +55 12 525 2168 tel: +1 415 561 6100 ext. 120
fax: +1 415 561 6101

* Argentina *
Talcahuano 325-3F
1013 Buenos Aires,
tel: +54 1 382 6842

* Australia *
Community Communication Online (C2O)
PO Box 304
Richmond 3121
tel: +61 3 9486 9764

* Belgium *
KnoopPunt vzw
Snoekstraat 52
9000 Gent
tel: +32 9-233 81 55
fax: +32 9-233 73 43

* Brazil *
Rua Silva Jardim, 52
12500-000 Guaratingueta'
Sao Paulo, Brasil
tel: +55 21 515 0500

* Canada *
Web Networks
401 Richmond Street West
Suite 384
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8
tel: +1 416 596 0212
fax: +1 416 596 1374  &

* Colombia *
Avenida 39 No. 14-75
Santafe de Bogota, DF
tel: +57 1 338 1277
fax: +57 1 232 4246

* Czech Republic *
Ceskomalinska 23
160 00, Praha 6
Czech Republic
tel: +420 2 2431 1780
fax: +420 2 2431 7892

* Denmark *
Faelledvej 16, D
DK-2200 Copenhagen N
tel: +45 35 36 62 11
fax: +45 35 36 92 05  

* Ecuador *
INTERCOM Nodo Ecuanex
Av. Orellana 1791 y Av. 10 de Agosto
Edificio Francisco de Orellana, 6to piso
Casilla 17-12-566
Quito, Ecuador
tel: +593 2 523 527
fax: +593 2 227 014

* England *
4th Floor
74-77 White Lion Street
London N1 9PF
tel: +44 171 713 1941
fax: +44 171 837 5551

* Germany *
Im Moore 26, D-30167
Hannover, Germany
tel: +49 511 161 7811
fax: +49 511 165 2611

* Hungary *
2600 Vac,
Ilona u. 3.
tel: +36 27 305769
fax: +36 27 304483

* Japan *
International Education Center Building,
3-21 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
tel: +81 3 3291 2875

* Mexico *
Alberto Zamora #126
Col. del Carmen, Coyoacan
04100 Mexico, D.F.
tel: +52 5 554 19 80
fax: +52 5 554 31 59

* Netherlands *
Box 1513
NL-6501 BM Nijmegen
tel: +31 24 323 5372

* Nicaragua *
Apartado 3516, Iglesia El Carmen
1 cuadra al Norte, 1/2 cuadra al Oeste.
Managua, Nicaragua
tel: +505 2 225217

* New Zealand *
78 Straven Rd
Christchurch, Canterbury 8001
New Zealand
tel: +64 3 343 2633

* Russia *
Gazetny Pereulok, 9, stroenie 2, 3rd floor
103009 Moscow
tel: +7 095 291 4343

* Senegal *
Enda-Third World
PO Box 3370
tel: +221 823 5772
fax: +221 823 5157/822 2695

* Slovenia *
RETINA Ljubljana
Metelkova 6
1000 Ljubljana
tel: +386 61 1323378

* South Africa *
P. O. Box 31
13th floor Longsbank Building
187 Bree Street
Johannesburg 2000
South Africa
tel: +27 11 838 6944
fax: +27 11 492 1058

* Spain *
Avda. Zaragoza, 60, 1, izda,
31005 Irunea/Pamplona
Tel: +34 948 24 86 97

* Sweden *

* Ukraine *
GLUK (GlasNet Ukraine)
14b Metrologicheskaya str.
Kiev, 252143  Ukraine
tel: +7 044 266 9481

* United States *
Presidio Bldg 1012, First Floor
Torney Avenue
PO Box 29904
San Francisco, CA 94129-0904  United States
tel: +1 415 561 6100 

* Uruguay *
Casilla Correo 1539
Montevideo 11000  Uruguay
tel: +598 2 409 6192

* Uzbekistan *
SilkNet c/o PERDCA
Furkat str, 1/524
Tashkent  Uzbekistan
tel: +998 71 132 6015/245 5497

* Former Yugoslavia *
ZTN Systems
c/o Antiwar Campaign
Gajeva 55   10000 Zagreb  Croatia
tel: +385 1 271-927, 423-044, 274-188

APC works to ensure that NGO online networking emerges and thrives despite
access and infrastructure challenges. We've established a fund for activists
and NGOs to acquire hardware, software and training to develop their
networking capacities. To support this effort, donations can be sent to:

APC Secretariat - North American Regional Office
Presidio Building 1012
Torney Avenue
P.O. Box 29904
San Francisco, CA
94129 USA
tel: +1 415 561 6100 x. 120
(Last updated: January 3, 1999)


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