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Joachim Lempert / Burkhard Oelemann:

"... dann habe ich zugeschlagen"

Männer-Gewalt gegen Frauen

• 1998, dtv, Hamburg
ISBN: 3-423-35139 x. Available at book stores.
Joachim Lempert / Burkhard Oelemann:


"Lieber gewalttätig als unmännlich..."

Der lange Irrweg auf der Suche nach Männlichkeit


MÄNNER GEGEN MÄNNER-GEWALT®, Hamburg, 1994. Available by mail for a DM 10.00 donation.

German Federal Parliamentary Hearing, 1992

Public hearing: MÄNNER GEGEN MÄNNER-GEWALT®, Hamburg. German Federal Parliament, 12th election period. Committee on Women and Youth, 14th assembly, 27th hearing. Bonn, 04/29/1992. Available free.

Gewalt gegen Frauen hat viele Gesichter

Eine Broschüre von Männern für Männer.


Pub.: Federal Ministry for Women and Youth.
D-53170 Bonn. 01/01/1994. Available free
and more

Information and Counseling Address

Mühlendamm 66
22087 Hamburg, Germany
Telephon: +4940 – 220 12 77
Fax: +4940 – 22 12 60

e-mail:  gewaltberatung-mgm-hamburg(AT)

About Our Organization

Our History:

The Hamburg group "Männer gegen Männer-Gewalt" (MgM) was founded in 1984. We help men who want to overcome their self- and relationship-destructive violence. After the association was founded, a permanent

information and counseling center

was opened in 1988. This was the first counseling center of its type in a German-speaking country.


The men seeking advice come from all walks of life, every age and income group. What they have in common is their tendency to resort to physical, psychological and, in some cases, sexual violence in certain conflict situations, and to generally direct this violence against their partner. The man who comes to us has found that violence is destroying his relationship, his family, and himself. Turning to our counseling center represents his first step in seeking outside help to solve his problems.




U1 Lübecker Straße
U 2 Lübecker Straße
U2 Uhlandstraße

We do not see VIOLENCE in a relationship as a sign of strength! Rather, we view it as anexpression of a type of behavior that conceals helplessness, unfulfilled desires, and isolation. In many cases, a man turns to violence as a last resort to maintain his control in a relationship.

At the same time, we are aware of the fact that violence by men is not an individual, personal problem, but rather, that men generally turn to violence as a result of the way in which society has defined what is "manly".


Violence in a relationship is not restricted to a minority!

Any partnership contains the seeds for potential violence.

Our Basic Tenets

Violence destroys the foundations of any relationship because:

Violence causes fear
and trust cannot exist in an atmosphere of fear

Violence destroys the victim and those who commit it.
Therefore, we work for men.

1. We ally ourselves with the man seeking help while, at the same time, we disassociate ourselves from his violent behavior (unconditional positive regard).

2. With our help, the man discovers not only what he must give up, but also what he will gain.

3. Our function is not to act as uninvolved givers of advice to neutral clients, but rather, as men helping other men.







The goal of our counseling is to teach new patterns of non-violent behavior in conflict situations within a partnership, thus providing the foundations for a more satisfactory relationship. We do this by...



Individual counseling aids in clarifying issues and supports the client in his efforts to reduce his violent behavior. He learns to recognize himself and, in particular, his feelings. In addition, methods of dealing both with himself and his partner in situations where he is under internal stress are developed.



Group sessions revolve around specific topics. With the support of the other group members, individual participants reflect on their behavior and practice new methods of conflict resolution. In some cases, group leaders are themselves formerly violent men, and have themselves participated in one or more groups. The group also acts as a safety net for difficult situations in which the participants find themselves in their day-to-day lives.


Aid for the men affected;


Public education

Providing information, continuing education, and holding seminars on the subject of male violence;


The creation and development of effective concepts for reducing violence in relationships;


Counseling, information, and supervision

of institutes and providers;


Searching for new methods of motivating violent men to reduce their violence;



Working with youth


Through our work with men, we seek to break down the ever-present cycle of violence.


Our experience has shown that coming to terms with one’s own personal violent tendencies generally prevents new acts of violence from occurring.

One of the most important goals of our work is increasing public awareness of violent male behavior.


As a non-profit organisation, MÄNNER GEGEN MÄNNER-GEWALT depends entirely on DONATIONS.

The association is registered in the Registry of Associations of the City of Hamburg (reg. no. 11231), and is a registered, non-profit association.


We would be happy to provide you with more information concerning associate membership.

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