New resource on violence,
fathers and sons South Australia

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39en_vio ... Violence

New resource on violence,
fathers and sons, produced in South Australia


Ordering Information Send orders to:
Shopfront Youth Health and Information Service
PO Box 83, SALISBURY SA 5183
PH 08 8281 1775 Fax 08 8285 7159

is it worth it?
- fathers and sons talk about violence
- what is violence and how do young men think about it?
- do young men learn how to be violent from their fathers?
- what are the links between violence and masculinity?

Is it Worth It? Fathers and Son's talk about Violence is a twenty-minute video produced from over 15 hours of life history interviews with young men and adult men. The interviews traced the men's experience of their family life, their relationships with their fathers and mothers and their experience of violence as young men. The way these men understood what it meant to be a man, how they related to their fathers as men and how they negotiated their sense of masculinity was explored.

The result is a video that is flexible and dynamic in its presentation. It is designed for use with violence prevention groups, schools and community services and is appropriate to use with men and women, young and old. A group facilitator's guide is provided with the video that sets out the context of the video's production, sections of the video for targeted discussion and questions and prompts to facilitate discussion.


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