Schools of thought  

Rethinking history
History of Marginalities in History

EuroPROFEM - The European Men Profeminist Network 


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25en_mas ... Masculinity

Schools of thought  Rethinking history
History of Marginalities in History


The Politics of Cultural Memory. Myth and Memory in the Construction of Community. Gender, Commemorating Monuments and History (Representing history through monuments and museums).

  • War, resistance in East Central Europe

  • Feminism before Feminisms (history of women's movements)

  • Family and Religion. Comparative Marriage Patterns in European Countries. Family and Demographic History (inheritance, marriage, sex, family, love and illicit love, household and gender, and alternative history of love and marriage, law and love).

  • Body, beauty, ideal, phantasm

  • Medicine and Health

  • Migration . Gender Relationships in Rural and Urban Communities

  • Juridical and Criminal Institutions

  • The Growth of Consumer Society and Gender.

  • The Patterns of Masculinity. Proposals for single presentations or panels are welcome.

    The newsletter is particularly interested in new approaches of an interdisciplinary nature. Although they needn't have immediate practical implications, helping bringing about change is part of the mandate of the IASOM and the newsletter.

Causes of men's violence; particular forms of violence and the construction of masculinity; treatment programs for violent men; homophobic violence; violence in prisons; sexual violence against boys; the debates on women's violence against men; fighting among boys; sports & violence; warfare; peacekeeping and creating a culture of peace; education and action programs to end men's violence; courses on men's violence;

Topics of particular interest include: *construction of masculinities *male/female relationships *sexual behavior or sexual identities *representation of gender *issues of diversity among men (such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, class)


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