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A radical feminist journal

Peter Baker.

I'm currently writing a self-help book on men's health. It will be published first in the UK and then, hopefully, around the world. I need, therefore, to include some information about organisations that men can contact for further advice in as many English-speaking countries as possible.

I've got the UK and the USA covered but have, as yet, come up with very little for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could give some good leads or information about specific organisations. I'm particularly interested in national organisations which provide help with:

1. Quitting smoking. 2. Problem drinking. 3. HIV and Aids. 4. Other sexually transmitted infections. 5. Mental health (including suicide). 6. Relationship counselling. 7. Cancer, including male-specific cancers. 8. Heart disease. 9. Sexual dyfunctions (impotence, etc). 10. Male infertility. 11. General men's health information.


Chris Grussendorf

Welcoming women's writing from radical feminist perspectives and writing that contributes to radical feminist ideas

A radical feminist perspective is one that is aware that: men are waging a war against women * rape, battering, incest, prostitution, pornography, poverty, heterosexuality, and gynocide are some of the main instruments of male supremacy * all forms of hierarchy and domination must be opposed * organized, political resistance is necessary to make change in our local communities and the world * we must strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our personal lives and sexual practices * Join us in creating a culture of resistance and a liberation movement.

We're looking for news, rants, reviews, direct action updates, theory, artwork, interviews, organizing and activism updates, essays, and much more!


Subscriptions for individuals are sliding scale, $1 for every $1,000 you have in income. For institutions, $30 a year. 4 issues a year on the solstices and equinoxes Contributions accepted on paper, disc, or tape by regular mail, or email



Hello! If you are a feminist and would be interested in sharing your story of how you came to be a feminist, please read on!

This questionnaire is part of a research project on Feminist Identity Development being conducted in the Psychology Department at Cornell University. I am interested in finding out how women and men who identify themselves as feminists arrived at that identity. I am interested in hearing the feminist identity development stories of adult women and men of all ages and from all backgrounds. Any and all feminists are welcome to participate! If you know other people who would be interested in participating, please pass this questionnaire along or have them contact me at the phone number or e-mail address below.

If you consider yourself "pro-feminist" or "womanist" rather than "feminist," please complete the questionnaire, and explain your ideology and why you choose the term you do.

Following is a series of questions designed to explore how you came to be a feminist.

Please complete each question as honestly and thoughtfully as possible.

You may print out this questionnaire, complete it, and return it to me at the address below. OR, you may type your answers into this e-mail and FORWARD it to me at

IMPORTANT: DO NOT hit "reply" because this will not be returned to me. Rather, hit FORWARD and then type your responses in the text.

You are free to leave any questions unanswered.

All responses and participation will be kept confidential, and consent forms will be stored away from questionnaires, in a locked lab.

Thank you for your participation!

I. Demographic Questionnaire

1) Gender:

2) Age:

3) Race/ethnicity:

4) Religion:

5) Country of origin:

6) Occupation:

7) Sexual orientation:

8) Relationship status:

9) Educational attainment:

II. Feminist Identity Development Questionnaire

please use as much space as necessary or, if printing out, attach additional pages if necessary, or answer on separate hand- or type-written pages, if desired

1. Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not?

*If you answered "No" to question #1, please discontinue questionnaire here*

2. What does it mean to you to be a feminist, or, how would you define "feminist?

3. How did you get to be a feminist? Please take your time answering this question, and be as detailed as possible. Be sure to discuss any significant events that may have directed you toward feminism.

4. Can you remember a time when you did NOT consider yourself a feminist? What was that like?

5. How has your cultural/ethnic background influenced your development as a feminist? 6. How has your racial background influenced your development as a feminist?

7. How has your sexual orientation influenced your development as a feminist?

8. How has your age cohort (or the period in which you were born, grew up, etc.) influenced your development as a feminist?

9. Are there any factors that you think are essential to becoming a feminist ?

10. Can you envision any way in which you could become NOT-a-feminist?

11. Do you think there is anyone who could NOT become a feminist (i.e., is there some limiting factor that could keep certain people from ever becoming a feminist?)

12. Do you think men can be feminists? Why or why not?

13. If you had to sketch out a pathway to feminist identity development, what would it look like?

14. Is there anything else you can add about your development as a feminist, your life as a feminist, or your perceptions of being a feminist in 1999?

III. INFORMED CONSENT I agree to participate in the research on Feminist Identity Development being conducted by Heather E. Macalister, Ph.D.; Psychology Department (607-255-0410). I understand that this participation is entirely voluntary; I can withdraw my consent at any time without penalty and have the results of the participation, to the extent that it can be identified as mine, returned to me, removed from the research records, or destroyed.

I understand the following points: 1) The reason for the research is to assess developmental pathways toward feminist identity. The benefits that I may expect from it are: 1. I will be exposed to methods of scientific inquiry 2. I will be contributing to knowledge about feminist identity development 3. I will have the opportunity to tell my own story in my own way, in a safe atmosphere 2) The procedures are as follows 1. I will either print out this questionniare, complete it, and return it to the specified address via U.S. mail, OR I will forward this e-mail to hem6@cornell.edu and type my responses in my forwarded e-mail 2. My name will be dis-associated from the questionnaire I return 3) No discomforts or stresses are foreseen 4) No risks are foreseen 5) The results of this participation will be confidential, and will not be released in any individually identifiable form without prior consent, unless otherwise required by law. My name will not be associated with my questionniare responses. My name will appear only on this consent form which will be stored separately from the questionnaire. Tapes will be stored in a locked lab and will be erased upon completion of this project. 6) The investigator will answer any questions about the research now or during the course of the project.


Signature of Investigator Date Signature of Participant Date

*Participant's e-mail account

THANK YOU for your participation! If responding electronically, please be sure to FORWARD your reply to hem6@cornell.edu rather than "reply" or "respond."

Heather E. Macalister, Ph.D. Knight Writing Program and Department of Psychology G94-b Uris Hall Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853 phone: (607) 255-0410 fax: (607) 255-8433



Hugh Lagan

My name is Hugh Lagan and I work at the Amani Counselling and Training Institute in Nairobi, Kenya. We are hoping in the near future to conduct a study exploring the socialization experience of African men. The purpose of our study is to assist men in better understanding how their learned socialization experience may in fact contribute in a negative way to their life experience. The study would also hope to help both genders better understand the male experience.

In light of the recent media attention given to the widespread presence of gender and domestic violence within Kenyan society, we see this timely study as the beginnings of a dialogue which we hope may stimulate a deeper appreciation of the complex nature of male socialization and how its often rigid and restrictive learnings limit men in their life choices.

I am writing to you to hopefully ask your assistance in this effort. We are currently looking for any literature, articles or studies which have been done concerning the experience of African men. We appreciate that some of this literature may be included within writings or studies on the experience of African women.

Any help or direction you may be in a position to offer us would be most gratefully received. As you can appreciate, such writings are minimal, and thus our need for assistance from people and organizations like your own. Please know that we are more than willing to pay for any articles or research you may be in a position to send us. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and our thanks for your time and assistance.

Hugh Lagan


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