Crossing Masculinities 
A look forward

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Crossing Masculinities - A look forward


Part 3: A Look Forward:

Since june 2001 efforts are under way[23] to organize a larger, interregional meeting that is supposed to serve as a starting point for new antisexist politics by men. There’s a text to go with it, “On the Disappearance of the Anti-sexist Men’s Group Scene”. send regular mail to “sissies” c/o Infoladen Bankrott, Dahlweg 64, 48153 Muenster, Germany. The Antiracist Antisexist Summer Camp Project, with which I’ve been involved since it started, is planning the “Crossover Conference”, 17.-20. January 2002 in Bremen, Germany. In a manifesto for the project, which we wrote in the spring of 2001, we say:

“Our starting point is the conviction that the different relations of power and domination are inseparably bound up with one another, permeating and stabilizing each other. We want to develop a practice that reflects this. Our aim is to contribute to the construction of a new constellation of political tendencies. A “new constellation” would be one where, finally, antisexist positions would not have to be fought through by women/lesbians against the passive resistance of the majority anymore, but be a matter of course; and where, finally, men would, of their own accord, become active in the field of antisexist politics. We want an end to the dominance of a heterosexual culture within the radical left, for which gays are good for adding color and entertainment to the serious business of politics, in which lesbians are nearly invisible and for which intersexual and transgendered people are, at the most, objects of scientific curiosity. Such a new constellation would be one where the presence of migrant and jewish people, people of color….(no matter where they’ve grown up) would be a matter of course; where the manners and the language of the majority would not constitute the norm and where white antiracists would deal with their own racisms instead of only speaking for and about the “oppressed”. Last but not least, we want an alliance that would make it as difficult as possible for people from the middle classes to assert what they take for granted, feel to be normal or are interested in as the norm - that which is generally taken for granted, experienced as normal or seen as interesting.”  

These noble goals remain lightyears away. I see the conference as a stepping stone on the way towards a camp in the summer of 2002 and towards new alliances and new campaigns. The program of the conference is still being worked on, if you want to know more, osend regular mail to summercamp c/o A6-Laden, Adalbertstr. 6, 10999 Berlin, or visit our web site     


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