Fatherhood Institute - promote positive relationships between men and their children 

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Fatherhood Institute - promote positive relationships between men and their children 


Fathers Direct now the Fatherhood Institute

The UK's fatherhood think-tank - Collating the research on fatherhood - Helping shape the government's family policy - Influencing the public debate on fathers - Training family services to be father-inclusive



The Institute (charity reg. no. 1075104):

* collates and publishes international research on fathers, fatherhood and different approaches to engaging with fathers by public services and employers

* helps shape national and local policies to ensure a father-inclusive approach to family policy

* injects research evidence on fathers and fatherhood into national debates about parenting and parental roles

* lobbies for changes in law, policy and practice to dismantle barriers to fathers’ care of infants and children

* is the UK’s leading provider of training, consultancy and publications on father-inclusive practice, for public and third sector agencies and employers.


Our vision

The Institute’s vision is for a society that gives all children a strong and positive relationship with their father and any father-figures; supports both mothers and fathers as earners and carers; and prepares boys and girls for a future shared role in caring for children.



Mission: Fathers Direct exists to promote close and positive relationships between men and their children.


First Year Activities

Providing information to fathers: a new guide for expectant fathers for inclusion in the Bounty Pack, distributed to 600,000 families a year; a website as a national information resource for fathers and an opportunity for exchange of experience; a telephone helpline developed with ParentLine.

Supporting family service providers: an on-line newsletter for family service providers working with men; joint projects with larger organisations to pilot initiatives that improve access of services to fathers.

Developing policy: hosting, in partnership with relevant policy organisations, a Forum to identify appropriate roles for public policy in fostering involved fathering.


Family structures and work patterns are changing, inviting men to develop new roles within families. Being actively involved in child-rearing is beginning to be seen as an important part of being a responsible and fulfilled father. Society needs to adapt to these changes. Meanwhile, many fathers remain isolated, lacking basic information and contact with other parents, and family services tend to exclude men, assuming that intimate parenting is for mothers only. New information, new channels of communication, new services and new policies are required to engage effectively with men who aspire to close and positive relationships with their children.


Fathers Direct was initiated in 1999 by the following people: David Bartlett, Manager of Fatherhood Programme of National NEWPIN; father of one daughter and one son; Adrienne Burgess, author of Fatherhood Reclaimed, the book that changed the debate about fatherhood in UK; mother of one daughter; Duncan Fisher, voluntary sector manager and fund-raiser; father of one daughter; Trefor Lloyd, Manager of Working with Men, which has pioneered a variety of work with men, particularly young men; father of two sons; Jack O’Sullivan, Associate Editor of The Independent and well-known writer on family and fatherhood issues; father of one daughter; Alan Richardson, manager of Fathers Plus project in Newcastle; father of two daughters.

Fathers Direct is registered as a limited company (3709549) and is currently obtaining registered charity status from the Charity Commission.

The Founding Trustees of Fathers Direct are: Sir Robert Salisbury, Headmaster of Garibaldi School and well-known educational ‘trouble-shooter’. Dr Elsa Ferri, pioneer of research on fathers in families. Richard Stein, lawyer.



Fathers Direct was launched with a grant from the Department of Health.


Further information

David Bartlett, 171 Saint Asaph Road, LONDON SE4 2DY. Tel: 0171-732 6316/358 5916. Fax: 0171-701 2660. E-mail: dbart@@@dial.pipex.com

David Bartlett, Services/Deputy Chief Executive

01422 847825, d.bartlett@@@fatherhoodinstitute.org



This section of the website covers fatherhood news, policy, research and practice outside the UK, with a focus on the actions of international institutions



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