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The Recovery Village: Domestic Violence Resources -  Drug Addiction, Mental Health, Treatment, Blog - Every minute, an average of 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States

Men for Gender Equality Program  (Spain)
(Xerez Local Government. Health and Gender Area)

Men's issues links
Links with men's sites (profeminist or not) presented as a reference for those interested in men's issues.

Achilles Heel
Is a bi-annual magazine for men which is intended to be a forum for discussion of men and masculinity, and a reflection of the diverse and developing ways in which men are experiencing themselves today. It aims to challenge traditional forms of masculinity and male power and support the creation of alternative social structures and personal ways of being.  

The "Working with Men" www site, a non-profit making organisation at the URL:

Changing Men Collections (CMC) - Special Collections
Michigan State University Libraries Contact: Ed Barton

Good Boys: Afterword to Men in Feminism
Paul Smith is an associate professor of Literacy and Cultural Theory at Carnegie Mellon University, and co-editor with Alice Jardine of Men in Feminism 

El grupo de Hombres de Sevilla
ha redactado un manifiesto contra la violencia porque quiere que se oiga también la denuncia de los hombres.

The International Association for Studies of Men

Male Network in Sweden for men against violence by men
"Our aim is to unite and mobilize men to accentuate the goodness in manliness and inspire men to take the lead in combatting violence and abuse by men.For the sake of women and children as well as ourselves." 

The MANual: The Complete Man's Guide to Life

Institut for Male (Germany


Plans are under way for a Global Grass Roots Initiative. On Valentine's Day 1999 there will be events produced worldwide by organizations already working to end violence against women and offering support and shelter to those who have been violated. In addition the College Initiative will feature productions of The Vagina Monologues on college campuses everywhere. Plans are also underway for a gala event at Madison Square Garden for V-DAY 2001. It is our belief that the common desire to empower and embolden women can bring together a global network of women, working on varying missions but with one purpose: TO STOP THE VIOLENCE  http://www.feminist.com/vday/

The World Wide Web Virtual Library:
The Men's Issues Page
Our mission is to cover the several men's movements encyclopediacally.


MARS would like to motivate people for a collective struggle against racism and sexism and condemns in the strongest possible terms racism and sexism in all their forms.

Men for change. More Masculine Vistas
Invites all men to actively explore working as allies with women to promote gender equality and end violence in society. Men's movements. Political Change Type Guys, Canadian Men's Groups, Dandy List of Profeminist Groups International Men's Groups, Men's Groups in the United States, Sharing and Support for Pro-feminist men

"Mixture - Alternative Antisexist is a union of mixed groups of students against sexism in Europe. A lot of information, news, some articles and pictures about antisexism, feminism, the backlash, etc. are waiting for you, women and men, grrrls and boys, on the next pages... "

An Open Call to the Men's Movement
This page lists articles attempting to stimulate a dialog between feminists, pro-feminists and the "mythopoetic men's movement."

Men's Rape Prevention Project 
The Men's Rape Prevention Project works to prevent rape and other forms of male violence through community education, consulting, research, public action.

MenWeb - M.E.N. Magazine
Questions about the future direction of the Men's Movement
MenWeb. Created and maintained by The WhiteRock Alternative Berthoff@wLn.com. Originally sponsored by Seattle M.E.N., publishers of M.E.N. Magazine, MenWeb is now the proud home of Men's Voices.

MensNet: Profeminist, anti-racist, gay-affirmative, male-positive

Men Who Batter: A Selected Bibliography
Submitted by Edward Gondolf, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Pfefferprinz Germany

4Uman: Adressen aller Gewaltberatungsstellen im deutschsprachigen Raum, Informationen und Selbsttests für Gewalttäter in Partnerschaften und Interessierte  http://www.4uman.info/hallo/europrofem_link.html  

Real Men - group working against sexism and sexual violence.
REAL MEN is an anti-sexist men's group in the Boston area. Why do they call themselves Because they are attempting to contribute to a new understanding of what it means to be a man. They believe that is important for men to rethink and work to change traditional masculinity

The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Net Resources, Home Pages of Interest to Men's Issues Folk

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
CATW is a feminist non-governmental human rights organisation dedicated to fighting all forms of sexual exploitation of women and children, especially prostitution and trafficking in women, sex tourism, bride trafficking, military prostitution and pornography

Service d'aide pour conjoints violents au Québec
INTERDIT AUX VRAIS HOMMES D'HOMMES À HOMMES INC. est un organisme communautaire à but non-lucratif qui a pignon sur rue au Centre Communautaire Marie-Agnès Desrosiers depuis déjà dix ans. L'organisme est fortement impliqué dans la prévention de la violence conjugale et familiale. 

Réseau Hommes France: Ce réseau est un réseau de collaboration et d'amitié entre hommes. Il a pour but de permettre à des hommes de se retrouver en petits groupes de partage et de rechercher des relations de confiance et d'intimité. Le réseau veut agir comme facteur de cohésion sociale entre les hommes de différentes générations qui appartiennent à des groupes religieux, linguistiques ou ethniques différents. Cet apprentissage de l'intimité entre hommes vise également une meilleure relation entre les hommes et les femmes.

Profeminist magazine "XY: men, sex, politics".
XY magazine 
An australian magazine about men and masculinities

The Australian Men's Movement
Four Stands: Anti-sexist; Liberation; Spiritual; Men's Rights and Father's Rights

Uomini contro la violenza alle donne
Il programma dell’Associazione è costituito sia dall’assunzione individuale di impegni e di comportamenti corretti che da azioni collettive e da progetti praticabili da realtà associative

The White Ribbon Campaign 
The White Ribbon Campaign is an organization of men working to end men's violence against women.

Men Against Pornography
A variety of helpful ideas and inspirational personal stories from men who have struggled against the pornography industry's power over their sexual feelings.

Men and Masculinities
Men & Masculinities is a new journal commited to publishing interdisciplinary research in masculinities studies. Men and Masculinities will be published quartely from July.

Working with Men
 a non-profit making organisation at the URL:

Mailing List:
Gerry Orkin's profem-l mailing-list is now found at http://tile.net/lists/profeml.html 
>> New Voice-of Men list set up by Richard Estes in the US. The subscription address is http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/voiceofmen  and its home address is http://www.az.com/~estes/voiceofmen.htm 

-- The Men's Bibliography: http://www.xyonline.net/mensbiblio/ 
-- XY magazine: http://www.xyonline.net/ 

-- Violence statistics: http://www.spirit.com.au/gerry/vstats.html 


Feminist and Women web sites

European Women's Lobby   
Brussels / Belgium

Alternet - Computing for women (France) 
ALTERNET organise une action de sensibilisation à l'informatique des populations fragiles, en particulier auprès des jeunes de Paris et de la périphérie, et des femmes en difficulté.

Agenda is a feminist project in South Africa. It is committed to giving women a forum, a voice and skills to articulate their needs and interests towards transforming unequal gender relations

Annuaire au Féminin
Centre de recherches pour le développement international (Canada); Condition féminine (Québec); Femmes du Sud ….

Centre for Women´s Studies
The Centre for Women's Studies was founded in 1990 in order to develop the subject theorically and methodologically through research and training of researchers and postgraduate students.

European Women's Lobby
Bulletin board: http://www.womenlobby.org/dialogue.htm

FeMiNa Health and Wellness Domestic Violence
FeMiNa was created in september of 1995 and debuted on-line to provide women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web.

Femmes dans la prise de décisions
Promotion d'une politique communale d'égalité des chances entre femmes et hommes au Luxembourg.

Feminism and Women Ressources
This is a listing of many of the feminism, women's studies, or women-related sources on the net.

The feminist majority and Feminist majority foundation
Technology and information are great equalizers. And when the two are combined they can work wonders for advancing the rights and opportunities for women everywhere. That's why they have developed some special features for this site.

A Gender-Equal Paradise in the South Pacific?
Feminist Anthropologist Claims an Existing "Non-Patriarchal Society" in New Guinea

Human Settlements Statistical Database
Coordinator, Statistics Programme
Research and Development Division UNCHS (Habitat)

InternetCafe for Women (Austria)

L'Institut de recherches et d'études féministes du Québec à Montréal:
Son objectif est de promouvoir la recherche sur les conditions de vie des femmes et les rapports hommes-femmes, ainsi que la recherche permettant d'approfondir, de renouveler, voire de repenser les analyses, les problématiques théoriques et les catégories mêmes du savoir à travers lesquelles ont été pensés les rapports hommes-femmes et les rapports femmes- société. 

Mixture "Mixture - Alternative Antisexist
Is a union of mixed groups of students against sexism in Europe.
A lot of information, news, some articles and pictures about antisexism, feminism, the backlash, etc. are waiting for you, women and men, grrrls and boys, on the next pages... "

Mujeres en red   http://nodo50.ix.apc.org/mujeresred/
Mujeres en red tiene como objectivo: crear un espacio de encuentro-informacion-solidaridad de las mujeres en el mundo.
Mujeres en red a pour objectif: créer un espace de rencontre - d’information - de solidarité pour les femmes.

Network of East-West Women
NEWW brings news of independent women's movement in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the former Soviet Union (FSU) directly rather than through the filters of mainstream mass media.

Northern Ireland Women's Coalition
It is a non-sectarian, broad based coalition of women of all political hues and religions. The NIWC is working to raise the profile of women in politics in Northern Ireland. They aim to highlight women's contribution to society and to support their commitment to political progress in Northern Ireland by participation in the peace talks.

Reaching women on line
It's an alliance formed to strengthen the presence of women's content on-line.

Server Donne 

Sexes must unite in action against violence by Amy Mounts

Super Coalition Internet
E-Mails: halifem@juno.com

UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women)
http://www.undp.org/unifem UNIFEM promotes Women's empowerment and gender equality. It works to ensure the participation of women in all levels of development planning and practice, and acts as a catalyst within the UN system, supporting efforts that link the needs and concerns of women to all critical issues on the national, regional and global agendas.

Women's world summit foundation 
WWSF - an international coalition for the future of women and children -  is a humanitarian, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization with a commitment to a new development paradigm with and for women and children.

Women World Wide Web 
"Women World Wide Web, donne in rete" è uno spazio aperto a tutte quelle realtà femminili che si occupano di salute, lavoro, pari opportunità, ma anche di informazione giornalistica ed editoria, di gestione di imprese e di produzione industriale o artigianale.

Women's Studies 
The New York Public Library Center for the Humanities Women's Studies:
A Research Guide Feminist Theory Return to beginning of Women's Studies Research Guide

Search Directory for women on-line

Service d'aide pour conjoints violents 
INTERDIT AUX VRAIS HOMMES D'HOMMES À HOMMES INC. est un organisme communautaire à but non-lucratif qui a pignon sur rue au Centre Communautaire Marie-Agnès Desrosiers depuis déjà dix ans. L'organisme est fortement impliqué dans la prévention de la violence conjugale et familiale.

· Mujeres en el Desarrollo en Europa, WIDE

· You'll find more great books, articles, and interviews in Amazon.com's Women's Studies section at http://www.amazon.com/womens-studies 

Le féminisme en débat : vers l'universel humain (parité hommes-femmes dans la politique)

Guerilla Girls: contre le sexisme (affiches humoristiques)

Cyber-rebelles: consultation pratique et en phase avec l'actualité

Annuaire au féminin : base de données pour l'Europe

Netfemme (Canada) pages-ressources des femmes du monde entier

Aviva: international feminist revue

Marche mondiale dse femmes 2000

Internenettes : grouep de femmes travaillant dans le secteur de la communication électronique www.internenettes.fr/

WWWomen : Forum



WITEC is structured around a series of networks at European level. Each national network, consists of universities, enterprises, other organisations and individuals working for the motivation, development and support of women in science, technology and engineering

End Violence web sites
Source: End Violence (1999) 

The Global Knowledge for Development Web site

The Global Knowledge for Development Web site <http://www.globalknowledge.org> provides information about the <end-violence> Working Group, as well as archives of <end-violence> messages.

The WomenWatch Web site <http://www.un.org/womenwatch> provides the <end-violence> archives and information about the videoconference.

Also UNIFEM Web site <http://www.unifem.undp.org> links to the <end-violence> Working Group and gives a wide range of information on efforts to end violence against women and related activities. In addition, the Development Forum on the World Bank's Web site <http://www.worldbank.org> provides access to the <end-violence> archives as well as related material and presentations.

The videoconference, "A World Free of Violence Against Women," can be seen on the Web at <http://webevents.broadcast.com/unifem/women>. Please download the Player on the Website.

This Working Group is administered and moderated by Education Development Center, a nonprofit organization. EDC is working collaboratively with UNIFEM and is directly supported by the World Bank, the Global Knowledge Partnership, and UNIFEM for the activities in this project.

For further information about <end-violence>, please contact:

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